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Episode 996

Wage of Consent

Mar 24 2018

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Nisha Kapoor

Detention, deportation and the new state extremism.

Sociologist Nisha Kapoor explores the new mechanisms of security state extremism - from the militarization of policing and surveillance targeted at Muslim citizens in the post 9/11 US and UK, to the expansion of the state's secret disciplinary arsenal operating beyond the scope of democratic control, and in service of the state itself, not its people.

Nisha is author of the book Deport, Deprive, Extradite: 21st Century State Extremism from Verso.



Jaimee Swift

The death of Marielle Franco and the life of Afro-diasporic radicalism.

Journalist Jaimee Swift connects the assassination of Brazilian politician and activist Marielle Franco to a larger history of police violence against Black women and LGBTQ+ people across the global African diaspora, and links Franco's life and work to the shared international struggle against the mechanisms White supremacy, in all its forms and locations.

Jaimee wrote the article Marielle Franco, Black Queer Women, and Police Violence in Brazil for Black Perspectives.



Kim Baca

To eat, to live, to survive: Advancing Native American food sovereignty.

Journalist Kim Baca reports on the work of a Native American coalition to build tribal food sovereignty - by working to advance legislation within the upcoming Farm Bill that provides access to capital for expanding agricultural infrastructure, funds research and provides for Native control over food assistance programs on their land. 

Kim wrote the article Native Communities are Fighting for a More Inclusive Farm Bill for Civil Eats, republished at In These Times.



Annelise Orleck

Global struggle, global action: Low wage labor organizes worldwide.

Historian Annelise Orleck explains how a low-wage labor movement went world-wide - as farm, retail and service workers at the base of global capitalism connect around their shared struggle, and challenge the system of corporations and consumers keeping them in poverty, and building what could emerge as a transnational left force. 

Annelise is author of We Are All Fast-Food Workers Now: The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages from Beacon Press.



Stacy Mitchell

No competition: How Amazon swallowed the economy.

Policy researcher Stacy Mitchell examines the rise and risk of Amazon's ascendant monopoly - as a platform that replicates and then erases its competition, a force beyond anti-monopoly regulations that stifles innovation, job creation and wages across industry, and a centralized economic power increasingly making policy decisions on its own terms.

Stacy Mitchell wrote the article Amazon Doesn’t Just Want to Dominate the Market—It Wants to Become the Market for The Nation.



Jeff Dorchen

Putting the Dalai Lama on mute for a lil bit.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen goes in on the Dalai Lama for a mostly unhelpful social media post, and imagines a world in which "each of us learns to appreciate the critical importance of ethics and makes inner values like compassion and patience an integral part of our basic outlook on life" doesn't really do much besides clog the timeline.

Read the transcript here