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Episode 988

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Jan 27 2018

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Doug Henwood

Nevermind the gap: How private equity swallowed public pensions.

Journalist Doug Henwood examines the political and economic roots of the $1.7 trillion public sector pension funding gap - from decades of investment in private equity to offset the contribution cuts of state and local politicians, to the larger crisis in which the fate of the working class is tied to the same financial instruments and actors that benefit from their demise. 

Doug and Liza Featherstone wrote the report Wall Street Isn’t the Answer to the Pension Crisis. Expanding Social Security Is. for In These Times.

Henwood 350


Sarah Sunshine Manning

We've always had power: On indigenous feminism and the Women's Movement.

Journalist Sarah Sunshine Manning discusses the politics of indigenous feminism - both inside today's Women's movement, and as a longer historical force in resistance to settler colonialism and environmental destruction - and calls on social movements to recognize, respect and listen to the voices of Native American women.

Sarah wrote the article No Indigenous Women, No Women's Movement for Truthdig.



Luke Savage

Bipartisanship is regular people being shot by both sides of the aisle.

Journalist Luke Savage explains how bipartisanship (and the corporate media's obsession with politicians working together) is a weapon turned against the possibilities of democratic politics - uniting the interests of the ruling class, shifting the narrowed political horizon rightward and enforcing a grim status quo for most people with nothing to vote for.

Luke wrote the article The Curse of Bipartisanship for Current Affairs.



Johann Hari

Our pain makes sense: Depression, anxiety and the social crisis of disconnection.

Writer Johann Hari examines the social roots of depression and anxiety today - from powerlessness and precarity at work, to increasing loneliness and isolation in our social lives - and calls for a new understanding of the connections we've lost, within ourselves and between each other, to build a healthier, happier future for everyone.

Johann is author of the book Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions from Bloomsbury.



Ijeoma Oluo

The subject of White supremacy and the conversation about race that we never have.

Writer Ijeoma Oluo talks about what we need to talk about when we talk about race in America - from White resistance to examining the persistence of (and their own complicity in) White supremacy, to the need for an intersectional understanding of oppression, and leadership from those living most under its weight, if we're ever to build a better future for everyone.

Ijeoma is author of the book So You Want to Talk about Race from Seal Press.



Jeff Dorchen

On justice, good tomatoes in January, and other faraway dreams.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen eats his snack and considers the #metoo movement before finishing his moral calculus homework in which he solves for the value of static justice - an invisible variable, infinite in quantity and all around us all the time and ripe and juicy.

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