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Episode 969

Fear and Loaning

Sep 10 2017

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Kim Phillips-Fein

How the city sold its vision: New York and the rise of austerity politics.

Historian Kim Phillips-Fein explains how the political response to New York City's 1970s fiscal crisis ignored the nationwide forces of suburbanization and de-industrialization, and stripping both the city of social services, and Democratic liberals of a vision for the future beyond capitalist solutions for capitalism's problems.

Kim is author of Fear City: New York's Fiscal Crisis and the Rise of Austerity Politics from Picador.



Jeff Dorchen

Narcissism, persecution and salmonella in the Hillary cult.

In a Moment of Truth, primary re-litigator Jeff Dorchen re-litigates the 2016 primaries, talks about and doesn't read that new book everyone is talking about and not reading, and takes a bite of the room temp, raw chicken ideology that the remaining Hillary cultists have been passing around for 9 months.

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