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Episode 937

Ad Spaced

Jan 30 2017

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May Jeong

Americans have the watches, but the Taliban have the time: On peace in Afghanistan.

Live from Kabul, journalist May Jeong reports on the internal and geopolitics of the Afghan peace process - from the progressing talks between the Taliban and Afghan government, to the West's disasterous economic and military occupation of the nation - and explains why President Trump's (professed) isolationism has some Afghans optimistic about the prospects for an end to the 16 year war.

May wrote the article The Patient War: What awaits Trump in Afghanistan in the February issue of Harper's.



Flint Taylor

The city won't reform the police. The city is the police.

Civil rights attorney Flint Taylor explains what a recent Department of Justice report on Chicago's police crimes reveals (and misses) about corruption and violence within the city, and outlines the choice between continuing ineffective liberal reforms, and a radical re-imagining of the relationships between policing, money and political power in minority neighborhoods.

Flint's latest writing is Chicago's Brutal Example for Jacobin.



Brian Foley

Some bad news on the first legal challenge to Trump's presidency.

Attorney Brian Foley examines the first legal case filed against President Trump around his international business holdings, and finds little hope for its success despite its big name legal backers, then discusses the dangers of partisan allegiance when it comes to challenges of presidential power, and personal hatred towards Trump voters.

Brian is a lawyer practicing in Philadelphia, we also talk about his recent piece I Have A Scream for Counterpunch.



Vyvian Raoul

Un-shitting the visual realm: Strategies for advertising resistance.

Editor Vyvian Raoul outlines the ways advertising has monopolized the discourse and aesthetics of outdoor spaces, and calls for active, DIY resistance against capitalism's psychological and visual pollution, and for a return to democratic control of the public spaces - a goal accomplishable with a trip to the hardware store and your own good ideas.

Dog Section Press is releasing the book Advertising Shits In Your Head: Strategies for Resistance in February. You can read the first chapter here.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine



Jeff Dorchen

A throne for the Garbage King: Trump comes home.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen strains the communicative potential of language while reaching for ways to describe the schlubby, tacky nightmare of the Trump presidency, before settling on the visceral - literally, the gross innards, the foulest shit - the stuff hidden deep (and not so deep) inside America all along.

Read the transcript here