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Episode 859


Jul 25 2015

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Chase Madar

Gunning for the end times: Inside America's citizen-state arms race.

Writer Chase Madar investigates the splintered psychology of American gun culture - where irrational ideas about risk and threat create more dangerous citizens in a safer world, mass shootings expand gun culture and the arms race between the state and its citizens shoots down the social contract.

Chase wrote the article Have Guns, Will Liberate in the latest issue of The Baffler.



Todd Williams

Dodging border fences and defacing anti-immigrant billboards in Hungary.

Live from Budapest, Todd Williams explains why Hungary's new fence on the Serbian border is as much about EU bureaucracy as it is border enforcement, and how Viktor Orban's anti-immigrant messaging lost the meme battle to billboard defacers.



Sarah Kendzior

How Uzbeks turned a hashtag against a dictatorship.

Journalist Sarah Kendzior profiles the rise of the Uzbek social media movement Qorqmaymiz (We are not afraid) and explains the danger the group faces from a repressive state with an arbitrary justice system and roots in Soviet-era surveillance tactics.

Sarah is author of the Foreign Policy article ‘We Are Not Afraid’ Inside an Uzbek Internet rebellion.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine



Micah White

An Occupy Wall Street architect reflects of the failures of protest and the future of revolution.

Occupy Wall Street co-founder Micah White looks back to the Occupy movement's roots in Tahrir Square and the Indignados movement, explains why our current generation of protest movements have failed to produce widespread, lasting social change, and looks to the future of democracy, where social movements and political parties span the globe.

Micah’s book The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution will be released in Spring 2016.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine



Brian Hioe

Asian protest movements navigate between an authoritarian past and a capitalist present.

East Asia analyst Brian Hioe reports on two mass protest movements in Asia - one environmental in Shanghai, one constitutional in Tokyo - and explores the challenges to social movements in a region of one-party governments, a political legacy of Cold War authoritarianism and the consuming force of trans-national capitalism.

Brian wrote the recent articles How Could A Demonstration of 50,000 in Shanghai Not Be Reported in International Media? and Article 9 and Japan’s Democratic Crisis for New Bloom.



Jeff Dorchen

Against babies: A poetic tantrum from the privilege of childlessness.

Jeff Dorchen was just minding his own business, posting anti-infant propaganda on his Facebook wall, when everyone got all mad. So he balls his lil fists, quivers his tiny lips, and unleashes against all the babies on Earth.