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Episode 855

Work Tomorrow

Jun 27 2015

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Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy on resisting India's twin burdens of caste and capitalism.

Writer Arundhati Roy explains how caste and capitalism turned democracy against Indians, and Indians against themselves, then highlights the revolutionary struggles of B.R. Ambedkar and G.N. Saibaba.

Arundhati will be reading from Capitalism: A Ghost Story and Field Notes on Democracy during the Socialism 2015 conference next week in Chicago.



Trudy Lieberman

Journalist Trudy Lieberman examines the failed promise of the Affordable Care Act.

Journalist Trudy Lieberman breaks down the key failures of the Affordable Care Act – from a failure to control healthcare costs to serious gaps in coverage and funding – and explains why Obamacare is an obstacle, not a starting point, for universal healthcare.

Trudy wrote the Harper’s report on Obamacare, Wrong Prescription?



Saqib Bhatti

Detroit's austerity playbook is bankrupt, and coming to Chicago next.

Municipal finance analyst Saqib Bhatti debunks the economic logic of Detroit’s austerity playbook, explains why bankruptcy solves the problems of creditors, not citizens, and makes the case that Chicago, Detroit and municipalities beyond need to raise taxes on the rich, not strip-mine themselves of capital.

Saqib wrote the feature Why Chicago Won’t Go Bankrupt—And Detroit Didn’t Have To for In These Times.



Sarah Anderson

How the Trans-Pacific Partnership trades state sovereignty for corporate control.

Policy analyst Sarah Anderson explains how the looming Trans-Pacific Partnership opens the door to a future of stronger patent laws, reduced labor and environmental protections, and more powerful global corporations.

Sarah recently posted the Institute for Policy Studies articles Six Ways TPP Opponents Have Won—Even as Fast Track Advances and Why JFK Wouldn’t Recognize Today’s Free Trade Deals.




Rhiannon Colvin

Claiming control of work and wage requires a radical imagination.

Youth labor advocate Rhiannon Colvin lays out an alternate future of employment, where cooperatives return democracy to the workplace, and new social structures emerge from neoliberalism’s wreckage.

Rhiannon’s writing Crisis as opportunity: re-imagining the future of work appears as a chapter in the book Resist! Against a Precarious Future.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine



Jeff Dorchen

Celebrating gay marriage in a large crowd of Israeli idea havers.

Jeff Dorchen infiltrated Tel Aviv University’s IDEAS entertainment/tech conference, but he really wants to talk about gay marriage, identity and and hope.