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Episode 1528

The Legacy of Harold Washington / Joe Winston

Oct 19 2022

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Jeff Dorchen

SuperTruth®: Hildegard von Bingen’s Ham Radio and Other Shamanic Charcuterie

Hildegard von Bingon, the 12th Century theologian, poet, mystic, and musician, is only the most famous spiritual communicator to connect to a higher plane through cured meats. Since the far distant past, sausages, hams, salumi, and various deli treats have acted as conduits between the mortal and immortal planes. 


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Joe Winston

The Legacy of Harold Washington / Joe Winston

We have filmmaker Joe Winston on to discuss his new movie, ‘Punch 9 for Harold Washington, “The story of Harold Washington, elected in 1983 as Chicago's first African-American Mayor, the political battles he fought, and his legacy to Chicago and the nation.”