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Episode 1101

Before and after the Yellow Vests.

Dec 4 2019

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Jeff Dorchen

The world looks way better through the eyes of the rich.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen peeks at this rosy world through money colored glasses - and sees the accumulated waste piling up in the bank accounts of the tyrannical rich and the guts of sperm whales and the assorted hog farms and sea and earth and sky - it's not a bad view if you all you see are dollar signs.




End of the month, end of the world: On social and ecological struggle with the Yellow Vests.

Live from Paris, researcher Effix explores the political context of the Yellow Vests - as a year-long heterogenous movement linked by neoliberal impoverishment and ecological precarity, a departure from traditional forms of dissent, and a possibility that must be linked with international movements rebelling against the predation of global capitalism.

Plateforme d'Enquêtes Militantes released the text Back to the Future: The Yellow Vests Movement and the Riddle of Organization at Viewpoint and Notes From Below.