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Episode 1074


Sep 21 2019

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Sharon Lerner

We can't recycle our way out of the global plastic waste disaster.

Journalist Sharon Lerner investigates the global environmental disaster of plastic waste - as plastics accumulate across the planet and within our bodies, recycling programs do little to avert the crisis, and more to distract us from the real solution - making and consuming less plastic.

Sharon wrote the article Waste Only: How the Plastics Industry is Fighting to Keep Polluting the World for The Intercept.



Anne Nassauer

Order, breakdown and the dynamics of protest violence.

Sociologist Anne Nassauer examines the root causes of violence between protesters and police, and explains why breakdowns in routine, communication and territory - not individual motivations - are key factors in peaceful mass demonstrations breaking down into violent situations.

Anne wrote the book Situational Breakdowns: Understanding Protest Violence and other Surprising Outcomes for Oxford University Press.



Jack Jackson

The American right, the future of law and the Constitutional disintegration project.

Law scholar Jack Jackson explains how the American right seized power beyond law - as conservatives advance a multi-decade agenda attacking constitutional principles with constitution power, the liberal class's retreat from politics leave them at best bystanders to an apocalyptic political project with no future beyond brutality.

Jack is author of the book Law Without Future: Anti-Constitutional Politics and the American Right from University of Pennsylvania Press.