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Episode 1064

Heat Advisory

Jul 13 2019

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Simon Pirani

The system warming the globe won't stop global warming.

Energy researcher Simon Pirani explains how fossil fuels power both global capitalism and the climate crisis - from carbon's entrenchment deep within our political, social and economic systems, to the impossibility of addressing global warming without facing the people and forces powering the system that's destroying the planet.

Simon is author of Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption from Pluto Press.



Henry Giroux

It's the end of the world for many people: On the horizon of apocalyptic nationalism.

Cultural critic Henry Giroux surveys a political horizon of hate, brutality and populist authoritarianism - as capitalism empties the civic institutions at the base of democratic society, the neoliberal logic of isolation and fear lays the groundwork for rising nationalism, racism and trial runs for fascist rule of what's left of society.

Henry is author of The Terror of the Unforeseen from Los Angeles Review of Books.



Gerald Horne

A new history of global White supremacy and international apartheid resistance.

Historian Gerald Horne explores the intersection of White supremacy, Cold War politics and global liberation movements in southern Africa - as the struggle against colonialism and apartheid oriented itself within the larger conflict between capitalist and socialist states, the ANC and solidarity movements won major (but compromised and incomplete) victories against regimes of racial and economic exploitation.

Gerald is author of White Supremacy Confronted: U.S. Imperialism and Anti-Communism vs. the Liberation of Southern Africa from Rhodes to Mandela from International Publishers.



Jeff Dorchen

Checking in with the Advisory Conservatives.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen listens to the advice of right wing corporate concerned trolls about the Democrats going too far left and losing the moderates they themselves are trying to court through uhh I guess just grovelling at the feet of the rich and defending the elites killing the planet and raping children on private islands.

Read the transcript here