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Episode 1035

Speak and Sell

Dec 22 2018

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John Patrick Leary

Between euphoria and desperation: Finding capitalism's logic in our words and minds.

Writer John Patrick Leary translates the new language of capitalism in the 21st century, and explains how the words and ideas of market logic inject themselves into our vocabulary and values - narrowing the horizon of political possibility and and reducing the social into a series competitive transactions between precarious, atomized individuals.

John is the author of the forthcoming book Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism from Haymarket Books.



Brian Mier

Brazil's coup and the left media's imperial blindspot.

Live from São Paulo, Brian Mier explains what Jacobin and the Western / Northern left media at large got wrong about politics in pre-coup Brazil - focusing attacks on the country's leading left PT party and ignoring both voices from the PT itself, and the broader threat of US imperialism as the right set the stage for a takeover.

Brian is a co-author of the article How the US Left Failed Brazil for Brasilwire.



Dylan Riley

The patriarch's grift: On Trump, between capitalism and democracy.

Sociologist Dylan Riley explains why Donald Trump is not a fascist, and how viewing Trump's presidency through a 1930s lens only serves to blind us from the important task of understanding the basic issue of contemporary politics - the escalating conflict between capitalism and the post-War liberal democratic project.

Dylan wrote the article What Is Trump? for the New Left Review.



Tony Wood

The brittle pilot: Understanding Putin's hand in post-Soviet Russia.

Writer Tony Wood explores contemporary Russian politics beyond the West's Vladimir Putin hysteria - from the legacy of the chaotic post-Soviet realignment towards market-driven capitalism, to Putin's shifts between neoliberal and authoritarian modes as the country navigates the new landscape of 21st century geopolitics.

Tony is author of Russia Without Putin: Money, Power and the Myths of the New Cold War from Verso Books.



Jeff Dorchen

A weakling's guide to strength and power dynamics.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen reflects on the strength of strong women, and strong men, the low-resistance high-rep resistance of privilege, and the power dynamics between us and each other and history and an uncaring universe that's gonna have the last laugh at everyone's expense, no matter how strong.

Read the transcript here