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Episode 1034

Gilets Jawns

Dec 15 2018

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Cole Stangler

What France's Yellow Vest movement is and isn't - and could be.

Live from Paris, journalist Cole Stangler traces the class lines running through France's Yellow Vest protests - as the broadly popular Gilets Jaunes converge on the streets against economic burdens on the working class, the movement's grievances are clear, though its demands and direction are less certain.

Cole wrote the articles What’s Really Behind France’s Yellow Vest Protest? for The Nation and “Yellow Vests” Against the “President of the Rich” for Jacobin.



Sohaila Abdulali

On rape and the conversation about rape.

Writer Sohaila Abdulali talks about what we do (and don't) talk about when we talk about rape - from the ways we enforce a 'worldwide conspiracy' to silence survivors of sexual assault, to the power of speaking openly about rape and its aftermath in challenging rape culture and a society that accepts sexual violence at large.

Sohaila is author of What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape from The New Press.



Neta C. Crawford

Understanding the true cost of America's post-9/11 wars.

Political scientist Neta C. Crawford examines the brutal, ongoing cost of America's wars in the 21st century - from the politics obscuring the human toll of sustained conflicts across the Middle East, to the corrosive effects of running endless wars on credit as the internal crises of healthcare and climate change take their own toll.

Neta is author of the paper Human Cost of the Post-9/11 Wars: Lethality and the Need for Transparency for Brown University's Watson Institute.



Yasha Levine

Notes on the real California water crisis.

Investigative journalist Yasha Levine explains how a small group of billionaires cornered the market on California's water crisis - privatizing water access, buying power and reshaping the state's ecology for the pistachio export market, all while regular people are scared about drinking tap water at a restaurant.

Yasha's documentary, Pistachio Wars: Killing California for a Snack Food is raising funds for post-production at Kickstarter right now. Help em out!



Jesse Bering

To escape the self: Thoughts on the suicidal mind.

Writer Jesse Bering explains what happens in the brain of the suicidal person - from the feelings of shame and isolation that push people towards suicide, to the experience, immense and immediate, of wanting to kill yourself - and why we're all succeptable to this fatal frame of mind.

Jesse is author of the book Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves from University of Chicago Press.



Jeff Dorchen

King David, Leonard Cohen and the problem with small cups.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen has a few problems with historical figures King David and Leonard Cohen, and being too good for God, and biblical mistranslations, and his own personal lack of furnishings when guests are over, and the fullness of shit of a president that runs over into our lives.

Read the transcript here