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Episode 1015


Aug 4 2018

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Mark Weisbrot

Understanding the US hand in rolling back Latin America's Pink Tide.

Economist Mark Weisbrot examines US influence in the rightward shift in Latin American politics across the 21st century - from the deeply entrenched power of the US foreign policy establishment, to the re-ordering of Latin American governments into political clients supporting the maintenance of the US's hemispheric empire.

Mark wrote the essay A Note about “Our Backyard”: Advice that Thomas Shannon Might Give to Mike Pompeo for CEPR.



Flint Taylor

Fighting police crime, and the city that covers it up.

Attorney Flint Taylor rounds up the latest stories in Chicago Police abuse - the exoneration of another victim of police torturer John Burge, the deeply embedded racism within Chicago's gang database, the police union's rightward, Trump-esque turn, and the price of the City of Chicago's denial of its long history of police crime.

Flint's book The Torture Machine: Racism and Police Violence in Chicago is out later this year via Haymarket Books.



Drew Philp

There is a new way to live: America's future is in Detroit.

Journalist Drew Philp explores the work of everyday living in Detroit - as regular people rebuild a community stripped of democratic control and basic state services, forging bonds of support and solidarity to survive in a present that looks more and more like the future for the rest of America.

Drew is author of A $500 House in Detroit: Rebuilding an Abandoned Home and an American City from Scribner. His wrote the article No water for poor people: the nine Americans who risked jail to seek justice for The Guardian.



Lilian Calles Barger

God is with poor people: Liberation theology's challenge to this world.

Historian Lilian Calles Barger explores the legacy of liberation theology - as a critique of Christianity under capitalism, a challenge to the conditions of inequality and oppression faced by poor and working class people, and as a resurgent movement with the power to propel social movements today and tomorrow.

Lilian is author of The World Come of Age: An Intellectual History of Liberation Theology from Oxford University Press.



Michael Roper

On sell-outs and shut-downs in the late-stage craft beer market.

The Hopleaf's Michael Roper discusses the realities of craft brew business after a corporate takeover - more bad beer, less good beer, employee drug testing, talent drain, sales people in charge - and explains why selling out has become the goal of people starting small breweries now, somewhere in the middle to end of the craft beer boom.

Michael talks with Chuck about Josh Noel's book Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out: Goose Island, Anheuser-Busch and how Craft beer became big business from Chicago Review Press.



Jeff Dorchen

MAGAt Brain: A plea against tolerance for the poison-minded.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen and his new friend Karl Popper make the case against getting along with the red capped MAGA crowd, but instead suppressing your empathy and meeting them with scorn and fury and contempt and only a reluctant Heimlich maneuver in case of emergency.

Read the transcript here