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SuperTruth®: The Massacre of the Crisis Actor

Crisis actor

When the Titanic sank, it would have been a blot on the record of the ocean voyage industry, except for one thing: the incident never occurred.


There never was one of three Olympic class ocean-going vessels operated by White Star Lines called the Titanic. It was never designed by Thomas Andrews, who was not the chief naval architect of the non-existent Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast where it was not built, and who didn’t himself die in the disaster that didn’t befall the ship. It was not 882 feet 9 inches long, 92-and-a-half feet wide at its widest point. It was never under the command of Captain Edward Smith, who never went down with the ship, which didn’t sink after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic and in any case never manifested in this material realm.


The unsinkable Titanic and its ironic fate of sinking was entirely the invention of filmmaker and noted hoaxster, James Cameron. Cameron himself never existed. He was a hoax perpetrated by Hollywood Jews like me. We can’t believe you all fell for that crap. Cameron did not begin his career running a three-card Monte scam on Astor Place in New York City, which was not named after American millionaire John Jacob Astor IV, who also did not die in the mythical sinking of the ironically unsinkable non-existent Titanic.


None of the movies Cameron is supposed to have made have ever existed, not even the abysmally non-existent The Abyss, nor True Lies, evidence of which has been grossly exaggerated.


But the biggest and least believable hoax to crawl from this tangled nexus of falsehoods was the crisis actor known as The Unsinkable Molly Brown. The idea that the bones of her skeleton were made from French-milled soap has never been disproven, because such a claim has never been made. Margaret “Molly” Brown, of course, never didn’t go down with the Titanic because the Titanic was never a real thing. After her murder by the mythical murderer Michael Myers whose impossible crimes were chronicled in the Halloween films, a slasher-movie franchise that itself only barely existed, Molly Brown herself was discovered to have been a portly, dyspeptic crisis actor named Alex Jones.


Under the pseudonym, “Brown,” Jones has portrayed numerous victims of false-flag catastrophes. In one of them, tentatively titled The OJ Simpson Murders, Jones was paid to portray the luckless Nicole Brown Simpson, no pseudo-relation. Jones won the role thanks to his ability to live for many days without a head.


Among Jones’s other crisis portrayals is the role of up to 500 unarmed Vietnamese civilian non-combatants in the Sơn Tịnh District of South Vietnam, in the village of Mỹ Lai, massacred by US soldiers during the long occupation of the country by the US military and its commercial subsidiaries. The false flag operation known in the US as the Vietnam War was actually an attack by movie-making Jews meant to cover up their attack in 1921 on a town in close proximity to Tulsa, Oklahoma populated by about 1,200 Alex Jones clones and one original Alex Jones, a town known colloquially as Fat Wall Street. The Joneses of Fat Wall Street were recently compensated in secret reparations amounting to somewhere in the millions of dollars.


Many such Jones Towns, as they’re called, have existed throughout history. The first Jones Town was the twin cities of Sodom and Gomora, which was supposedly destroyed by the mythical demolition firm, Fire and Brimstone and Co., as punishment for the unpleasant personalities of the towns’ inhabitants. Jones reportedly reaped an undisclosed amount of shekels from that operation, possibly hundreds of thousands. His uncanny ability to imitate a population of innocent people of anywhere from a few dozen to many millions has since served him as a lucrative source of the common currency of whatever realm he finds it to his advantage to serve.


His talent as a mimic truly came into play when he was hired by giants to play all the creatures of the world not taken aboard Noah’s famous ark. Every cubit of the ark, of course, was mythical. There was no such thing, nor was there any flood, great or small, of the type described in the legends of various cultures throughout the world. The Great Deluge, or Great Flood, was a cover story created by the mixed offspring of angels and humans, the Nephilim, who wished humanity to believe they no longer existed when in fact it is they, or maybe others with a similarly nefarious agenda, who are pulling the strings of those who seek to keep us under their yokey and shacklish domination.


The more curious among you might find yourselves asking, “Are all famous massacres the work of Alex Jones?”


The answer, of course, if you want an answer and want to believe an answer, is yes.


“Even the ones claimed to be hoaxes by Alex Jones himself?”


“Yes, it’s a tactic of misdirection and hiding in plain sight.”


“Really?” you might find yourselves asking, and the response is, “Yes, really.”


“Even the massacre of Jews in Palestine by the invading Greeks as reported by Flavius Joseph in his book, Jewish Antiquities?” Yes, all the victims were Alex Jones wearing Jewface.


“Even the massacre of the first born by Pharoah’s order in ancient Egypt?” Yes, every baby was played by Alex Jones, and subsequently, each baby killed by the hand of the angel of God in retribution was also played by Alex Jones. Jones has habitually played both ends against the middle. Jones played the cavalrymen killed in the battle of The Little Bighorn, as well as the Lakota Sioux people starved by the government of the USA, neither of which ever happened.


The simple SuperTrue® fact of the matter is, much like the single electron zooming everywhere instantaneously, creating the ephemeral dream we perceive as material reality, every victim of everything has been Alex Jones all along. Alex Jones is the eternal cosmic victim of everything victimizing. We wouldn’t say it and by law we couldn’t say it if it wasn’t SuperTrue®! Even the so-called Jews, who run everything from behind the scenes, yet are victims of the calumny and libel that they run everything from behind the scenes, even the genocides they’ve suffered, even the current Palestinians whose erstwhile homes they occupy and whose ghettoized populations the Israeli military seeks to control are in fact simply Alex Jones in quantum superposition in every scenario, real or imagined, agonized or dreamed, perceived or ignored.


It's mind-blowing, but if it weren’t mind-blowing, how could we be certain it was SuperTrue®? It’s so unbelievable we have no choice but to ultra-believe it.

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