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How school privatization became the Democratic Party's class project.


People across the board sense that things are different, and we're looking at an existential threat to public education. People don't go into this profession to make money, they go into it because they like kids and they believe in the idea of education. The role they play makes them especially vulnerable to attacks by people who don't believe in public services, and have a bleak view of the future of the country.

Journalist Jennifer C. Berkshire explains how Democrats bought into school privatization - as a class project of the party's anti-union elite donors, an an anti-teacher platform used by the Clintons to advance their own careers in the absence of anything material to offer voters, and as a problem that will only get worse as attacking public schools continues to be a bi-partisan fixation.

Jennifer wrote the Baffler article How Education Reform Ate the Democratic Party.

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Jennifer Berkshire

Jennifer Berkshire is a freelance journalist, education editor at AlterNet and host of the podcast Have You Heard?


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