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The same tactics for hundreds of years: The state vs Standing Rock.


We know some of the chemicals are carcinogenic, but we don't know the full impact of a large scale spill on all the people downstream. People are being unwillingly involved in a huge public health experiment on themselves, and their children.

Dr. Sarah Jumping Eagle reports from Standing Rock on the state of Dakota Access Pipeline resistance since Obama's halting of the project, and explains how a coalition of communities affected by pollution, racism and exploitation are coalescing around water protection and challenging corporate control over a basic human and environmental right.

Sarah is a pediatrician and water protector, we spoke to her twice in 2016 from Lakota/Dakota Territory.

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Sarah Jumping Eagle

Dr. Sarah Jumping Eagle is a pediatrician, activist and member of the Oglala Lakota and Mdewakantonwan Dakota Nations.


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