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Toward (but not directly) a Thermodynamic / Information theory of history.


You need to look at it like a card game. You need to think of the auto-industry. Think about a forest fire. No, no, think about a recipe in relation to its ingredients, its instructions, and your hungry family. Or a topiary display. The thing about the billiard balls is, each kind of ball has different properties. This is information. I think.

In a Moment of Truth, scientist Jeff Dorchen considers the way pizza is a fuel, information is energy, This Is Hell! is a growth opportunity, philosophy is a scam, the state is a bath - or an octopus maybe, or you are the octopus, or Trump is the octopus - but the real message is resist fascism and cook your rice a bit before adding the lemon and eggs.

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Jeff Dorchen

According to his contacts on LinkedIn, Jeff Dorchen can do just about anything. He’s a visual artist, songwriter/musician, actor, essayist, poet, playwright and screenwriter.


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