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We talk about something bigger than ourselves, whether it be a legacy of some kind, a family, society, even a cosmic destiny, but these things are fantasies. We talk about this much greater thing the way the ancients talked about atoms. In a silly, misinformed way. We are still the ancients, still making up quaint illustrations of worlds we have yet to discover.

In a vibe-heavy Moment of Truth, the particular arrangement of atoms we call Jeff Dorchen proposes a model of the universe involving prisms, couches, bowls of rice, economic toxicity, industrialized agriculture, messy rooms, the longness of time, ignorance, incoherence and the nondualistic smell of a rose.

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Jeff Dorchen

Jeff is a visual artist, songwriter/musician, actor, essayist, fiction writer, poet, playwright and screenwriter. He's been a playwright, songwriter, and performer with Chicago's Theater Oobleck since 1988, a writer and actor with Red Baron Films since 2000, and a contributor to This Is Hell! since 1996. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


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