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America's water safety issues run far beyond Flint.


It's a pollution thing. Everything we throw down the drain - I'm talking about industry, hospitals, road runoff, and households - that all goes down the drain and we expect the waste water treatment plant to make it safe. All of those 85,000 chemicals. Well it's not happening folks. And it cannot happen.

Environmental health researcher Laura Orlando examines the state of America's drinking water and finds problems not just with aging pipes, but with an untreatable amount of pollution in the the nation's water sources, and a regulatory system incapable of putting the safety of citizens above the influence of industry profit and political expediency.

Laura wrote the In These Times piece Why Your Water Could Be Worse Than Flint’s.

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Laura Orlando

Laura Orlando is an adjunct assistant professor of environmental health at the Boston University School of Public Health and the Executive Director of the Resource Institute for Low Entropy Systems.


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