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Je Suis Snuffy Smith: On the thinkpiecing of White poverty.


I understand 140 characters are not enough for a thorough analysis of the inter-tribal dynamics of grief and empathy. So maybe rather than taking a one-dimensional dump, you could just empathize with the grief of all who grieve. Don't take a tragedy as your big chance to be a douche.

Jeff Dorchen reads a dumb thing on the internet (the Moment of Truth's version of 'Once Upon a Time...') and considers the limitations of Twitter-based political hot takery, the smugness of "Slate's chief political correspondent," and the infuriatingly limited discourse around White poverty (and the infuriatingly limited discourse around that discourse,) and suggests that just maybe if we can find the one thing that poor whites and poor non-whites have in common, we can rise up, from Juggalo to Beyhive, and kill the oligarchy.

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Jeff Dorchen

According to his contacts on LinkedIn, Jeff Dorchen can do just about anything. He’s a visual artist, songwriter/musician, actor, essayist, poet, playwright and screenwriter.


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