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Neoliberalism injects violence into our lives, and fear into our politics.


Built into the system is a kind of systemic violence that's destroying the planet, all sense of public good and democracy - and it controls itself no longer by ideology, but by the rise of a punishing state - where everything is increasingly criminalized because it offers a threat to the financial elite and the control they have over the country.

Cultural critic Henry Giroux examines the ways in which conflict has entered the fabric of American life - from the ways social and economic problems are met with state violence, to a media and political class the celebrates cruelty and spectacle - and explains why renewing social bonds and class solidarity are key to reclaiming control of public life from the forces that make strangers, and enemies, of us all.

Henry is author of the new book America’s Addiction to Terrorism from Monthly Review.

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Henry Giroux

Author and cultural critic Henry Giroux holds the Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies.


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