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Uncoverage: How two journalists broke the Laquan McDonald killing.


The city says they're investigating but what they're really doing is providing themselves cover to they don't have to release information. That statement - 'we are investigating' - it gives the idea that justice is being done, so reporters drop it.

Journalists Brandon Smith and Jamie Kalven talk about the work of uncovering the circumstances (and video) of Laquan McDonald's shooting by police officers - from suing the City of Chicago to comply with FOIA requests, to challenging the compliance of media covering police misconduct - and explain why this case presents a serious challenge to the 'investigation as coverup' routine we see when power has something to hide.

Brandon and Jamie's story is covered in the Columbia Journalism Review story How a little-known, Uber-driving freelancer brought the lawsuit that forced Chicago to release a police shooting video.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine

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Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith is an independent journalist living in Chicago.



Jamie Kalven

Jamie Kalven is a writer, human rights activist and founder of the Invisible Institute.


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