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Consumer data and flex prices will mean the end of price transparency.


We're moving away from a mass market model that led to low cost goods and services, to a model that is very individualized, where companies tailor price and terms to you. As they do that, they're able to charge you the highest price that you're willing to pay.

Authors Anna Bernasek and D.T. Mongan explain how companies are using consumer data to set prices unique to individuals, how this discriminatory pricing is legal and only going to increase as we enter a consumer unfriendly economy, and why challenging this practice requires addressing both corporate policies and our own consumerism.

[Some initial audio wonkiness - clears up by 3:30]

Anna and Dan are authors of All You Can Pay: How Companies Use Our Data to Empty Our Wallets from PublicAffairs.

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Anna Bernasek

Anna Bernasek is a journalist covering economics and business. She writes the Datapoints column for the New York Times and is a writer for Newsweek.



D.T. Mongan

D.T. Mongan is a lawyer based in New York specializing in finance and corporate transactions.


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