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Wars abroad for battles at home: Henry Kissinger's imperial architecture.


There's a perversity in the way Kissinger is invoking today's endless wars to justify what he did 40 years ago, when what he did 40 years ago made possible today's endless wars. And I think that's a perfect example of the circularity of American power.

Historian Greg Grandin examines Henry Kissinger's long shadow over American history - from his career sowing discord and selling order, to his strategy of subordinating foreign policy for domestic political gain - and explains how Kissinger's brand of imperial existentialism shaped both modern America's security state paranoia and endless war.

Greg is author of the new book Kissinger's Shadow: The Long Reach of America's Most Controversial Statesman from Macmillan.

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Greg Grandin

Greg Grandin is an historian, author and professor of history at New York University.


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