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The Fight For Dyett is the struggle for schools serving children and communities, not corporations.


What we wanted was this idea of consumer choice, consumer decision making - and what we've gotten is really another mechanism for re-segregating and re-stratifying our schools.

Writer and former public school teacher Eve Ewing explains why the Bronzeville community's fight to save open-enrollment Dyett High School is about more than just saving one school - it's about fighting against government doublespeak, corporate control and racist attitudes around black neighborhoods and families, and fighting for high quality education as a public good, an economic equalizer and a human right.

Eve wrote the letter Phantoms Playing Double-Dutch: Why the Fight for Dyett is Bigger than One Chicago School Closing at Seven Scribes.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine

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Eve Ewing

Eve Ewing is a writer, artist and research scholar.


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