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Scheduled for destruction: How Detroit engineered its own foreclosure crisis.


What you’re supposed to do is pay the $70 for your current water bill, plus 10% of your overdue amount every month. If you can’t afford $70, you can’t afford $80 or $90. So of the 25,000 that signed up to avoid water shutoffs, only 300 are current with their water bills. So there’s going to be another round of water shutoffs in Detroit.

Housing activist Dianne Feeley breaks down the factors behind Detroit’s looming tax foreclosure crisis, from predatory municipal tax policies to neoliberal experiments in gutting public spaces and services.

Dianne wrote the Black Agenda Report post A Hurricane without Water: Detroit’s Foreclosure Disaster.

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Dianne Feeley

Dianne Feeley is a retired autoworker active in Detroit Eviction Defense and an editor of Against the Current, a bi-monthly analytical journal that focuses on debates within the Left.


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