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Big Oil's Counterinsurgency after Standing Rock / Alleen Brown

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These companies are very worried about, a prime area that they're fighting is in storytelling. The story of a militarized security firm coming in at Standing Rock is not the one that they're, they're hoping to have told. I think a good example to look toward is what came next in Minnesota as water protectors, some of whom had been at Standing Rock confronted the Line three pipeline. In Minnesota, Enbridge as well as law enforcement was absolutely looking to Standing Rock as kind of a warning sign. They didn't want another Standing Rock. One of the things that both the company and the state did together is that they set up an account so that the pipeline company would refund law enforcement for any activity they did related to the pipeline resistance movement. A lot of critics argued that in Minnesota, law enforcement took on the role of a militarized private security force.

Returning to This is Hell! is the Intercept's Alleen Brown. Her work focuses on environmental justice issues. Her most recent article, co-written with Naveen Sadasivan is titled, "Oil and Water: After Spying on Standing Rock, TigerSwan Shopped Anti-Protest 'Counterinsurgency' to Other Oil Companies." The investigation is based on more than 50,000 pages of documents that were recently made public after the company behind the Dakota Access pipeline lost a court case to keep them secret.

You can find the article, "Oil and Water," here:

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Alleen Brown

Alleen Brown is a New York-based reporter, focused on environmental justice issues. Her work has been published by The Intercept, The Nation, In These Times, YES! Magazine, and various Twin Cities publications.