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Ideologies of Climate Change / Tad DeLay

I don t believe in global warming

Denial comes out of this this sense of not having meaningful agency under the regime of power in which you're suffering…It's very common to find people kind of organizing their entire lives around ideas that they've never really stopped to interrogate before. This goes back to Marx's observation that it's not your consciousness that shapes your social reality, it's your social reality that shapes your consciousness.

Tad DeLay returns to This Is Hell! to discuss his new book from Verso, Future of Denial: The Ideologies of Climate Change. "The Moment of Truth" with Jeff Dorchen follows the interview.

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Tad Delay

Tad Delay is a philosopher, religion scholar, and interdisciplinary critical theorist. His books include Against: What Does the White Evangelical Want?, The Cynic & the Fool, and God Is Unconscious. His most recent book is Future of Denial: The Ideologies of Climate Change. Tad is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in Baltimore.


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