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Armed Struggle for Black Liberation in Southern California / Gerald Horne

Black panther demonstration

As we approach July 4th, 2024, the 248th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America, the founding of the United States was the formation of the first apartheid regime. The Declaration of Independence was unsparing in its denunciation of the indigenous population, and certainly, they were not covered by the Bill of Rights or other laws. Many of them did not become U. S. citizens until the early 1920s, and certainly the founding of the United States was not meant to cover the Black population. Thomas Jefferson made that explicit and clear in his notes from the State of Virginia. When the Panthers materialized in Algiers in 1971, seeking arms to foment class struggles and armed struggles, they were carrying forward this idea that Black people were an oppressed class, and that the United States was designed to oppress them.

Historian Gerald Horne returns to the show to discuss his new book, Armed Struggle?: Panthers & Communists; Black Nationalists and Liberals in Southern California through the Sixties and Seventies. "Rotten History" follows the interview.

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Gerald Horne

Gerald Horne is an author and John J. and Rebecca Moores Professor of African American History at the University of Houston.


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