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Will the Revolution Be Funded? / Zac Chapman & Nairuti Shastry


Despite this proliferation of diverse funding strategies, there continues to be a lack of alignment. To us, after having worked in this field for nearly a decade, one thing is certain: The current economic system operates on one thousand coordinated fronts. In order to supplant it, we must work on ten thousand.

Zac Chapman and Nairuti Shastry discuss their article at The Forge, "Will the Revolution Be Funded?," which is against big philanthropy and argues for community 'self-funding.'

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Nairuti Shastry

Nairuti Shastry (she/her) is a movement builder, engaged scholar, and facilitator-strategist working toward racial and economic justice that transcends organizational, cultural, and political borders. Founder and principal of Nuance Research, Strategy, & Consulting, LLC, Nairuti supports teams, organizations, and communities to both hospice the old and birth the new in pursuit of more just economic futures.


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Zac Chapman

Zac Chapman is an organizer and researcher based in western Massachusetts. He is the Resource Mobilization Director at the New Economy Coalition, a steering committee member of Massachusetts Solidarity Economy Network, and board member of LittleSis.