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White Supremacy Hamstrings Liberal Climate Agenda / Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

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I would argue there’s been a lack of action when we identify irrefutable instances of environmental racism like St. John's, where our great comrade Cheryl Levine fights like hell every day against disproportionate exposure to pollution in an area of the nation known as Cancer Alley: a majority black community where 10 of the 12 census tracts that make up Cancer Alley have the highest incidences of cancer rates in the United States of America. That is being allowed to happen, essentially sacrificing a black community for the production of energy and the production of chemicals and other chemical processes. Liberals have obviously played a role in this since time immemorial by refusing to connect racial justice to climate justice or environmentalism. Always treating them as two different things when we've known for decades that there's an axiomatic nexus between racial justice, racial injustice, gender justice, gender injustice, and the state of the physical environment.

Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright on his recent Black Agenda Report piece, "If You Want to See White “Supremacy” at Work, Don’t go to a Trump Rally, Observe the Democrats’ Approach to Climate Change." "Rotten History" follows the interview.

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Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

A prototypical New Yorker, Anthony has over 12 years of experience as an environmental/urban planner, researcher, policy analyst, political strategist, consultant and organizer. His professional experience has covered a broad range including, but not limited to, corporate and non-profit environmental consulting firms, grassroots political campaigns, and healthcare advocacy and outreach. Most recently Anthony has focused on Climate Disruption (aka Climate Change) mitigation strategies at the local and regional levels. He is a staunch advocate and student of Environmental Justice (EJ) tactics and strategies, including tactics to bring environmental awareness and stewardship of low-wealth communities and communities of color to the "mainstream" environmental consciousness. His passion for EJ has taken him as far away as Israel, where he was afforded the opportunity to study EJ challenges and present them to the City Council of Jerusalem. When not immersed in work, Anthony can be found teaching or taking a Yoga class or on stage performing jazz/funk bass-guitar somewhere on the planet. While he has met many famous people, the first time he was star struck was upon meeting the great, late Douglas Adams.