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US States and Municipalities Foot the Bill for Israel's War Machine / Lucy Randall & Clark Randall

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Money from these bonds is not earmarked, so it just goes into the general fund. There is no knowing if the bond I bought was used to expand settlements, was used to build an apartheid wall, was used to buy weapons. They're doing that intentionally. They know that people don't want to directly support war efforts or that it would be better if you could say, “The bond money was going purely to infrastructure projects” or something of the sort, but they don't do that. There's no disclosure or transparency. Once it is in the general fund of the treasury, it can be used for anything. The far right finance minister Bezalel Smotrich, a man who is deeply committed to the project of genocide against Palestinians, is technically in charge of these general funds. I's a very scary thought.

Clark Randall, a past guest, and Lucy Randall who co-wrote The Nation article, "How Israel Bonds Put the Cost of the War in Gaza on US States and Municipalities: After October 7, Palm Beach County, Florida, bought $660 million in Israel bonds. A new lawsuit argues that it’s a bad deal for taxpayers."
Clark is an independent journalist and PhD student at Brown University. His work considers questions of race, class, and finance in the US and internationally.

Lucy is a freelance journalist and an immigration lawyer representing asylum seekers in New York City.

Clark was on last August to talk about his Boston Review article, "Bond Villains: How a little-understood feature of urban finance—municipal bonds—fuels racial inequality."

"The Moment of Truth" with Jeff Dorchen follows the interview.

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Clark randall

Clark Randall

Clark Randall is a freelance writer based in St. Louis, Missouri. He studies the processes of segregation and suburbanization in the region.


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Lucy Randall

Lucy Randall is a freelance journalist and an immigration lawyer representing asylum seekers in New York City.


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