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Insulin Profiteering Kills / Edward Ongweso Jr. & Athena Sofides

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We can understand the moves by the U.S. insulin cartel’s war on insulin, then, as a war to remake insulin into a more profitable form, its patients into a more profitable demographic, and its market into a noncompetitive oligopoly.

Edward Ongweso Jr and Athena Sofides on their Baffler essay, "The Insulin Empire: How profiteers pushed a lifesaving drug out of reach." "Rotten History" follows the interview.

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Athena Sofides

Athena Sofides is a researcher and grad student at the Yale School of Environment. They have insulin-dependent diabetes and organize for freely-accessible insulin.


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Edward Ongweso, Jr.

Edward Ongweso Jr. is a Brooklyn-based writer who focuses on technology, finance, and labor. He is a former staff writer at Motherboard, Vice's tech desk. He cohosts the This Machine Kills podcast on the political economy of technology.