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Defunding UNRWA: From Containment to Destruction / Laura Robson

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Chuck: Do we Tolerate wars because we are duped by the effectiveness of humanitarian aid? Laura: I think there is a real case to be made for that and I would suggest to people that it is worth considering the profound ironies that arise when you are spending the same money to bomb a population and then to send humanitarian aid into a bombed community.

Laura Robson on her article at The Baffler Magazine, "Assistance as Containment: A historical take on defunding the UNRWA." Plus a Moment of Truth from Jeffrey Dorchen.

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Laura Robson

Laura Robson is the Oliver-McCourtney Professor of History at Penn State University and a recent Fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. She is the author of several books on displacement in the modern Middle East. Her most recent is Human Capital: A History of Putting Refugees to Work (2023).