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New Robber Barons Prevent Using Tech for the Common Good / Loretta Napoleoni

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I think if we accept that we are in the Anthropocene, and the Anthropocene, it is our product, not the product of a few companies, not the product of the tech titans, but part of the evolution of our collective intelligence. We shouldn't have anxiety. We should embrace it, as I say in the book, and use it for the common good. We need a positive action instead of being the recipient of whatever these tech titans are sending us instead of being the resource that they use in order to send their product and marketing the product more and more, we should take over. We should take over and we can do it, but in order to do it, we need to accept the first step.

Loretta Napoleoni returns to discuss her new book, Technocapitalism: The Rise of the New Robber Barons and the Fight for the Common Good. "Rotten History" follows the interview.

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Loretta Napoleoni

Loretta Napleoni is a journalist, political analyst, and economist. Sheis the author of the international bestsellers Rogue Economics: Capitalism’s New Reality and Terror Incorporated: Tracing the Money Behind Global Terrorism. She has served as Chairman of the countering terrorism financing group for the Club de Madrid, and lectures regularly around the world on economics, money laundering and terrorism. Napoleoni lives in London and Montana.