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Judicial Supremacy in the US / Lisa Heinzerling

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The court empowers regulated industries who would be subject to the regulations that are invalidated or weakened by the approach to interpretation that the Supreme Court is embracing. The funders of these so-called plaintiffs, the people who are challenging government action seem to be the little guy. They seem to be like a couple of fishing businesses, for example, or a corner store. But in fact, they're backed by billionaire funded groups. That's where the legal fees are coming from in some of these cases, and those are the groups that are made better off by the Supreme Court's approach. Their prosperity is improved by striking down climate rules.

Lisa Heinzerling on her Boston Review article, “The Judicial War on Government: The Supreme Court’s latest bid to control agencies like the EPA—and Congress itself."

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Lisa Heinzerling

Lisa Heinzerling is Justice William J. Brennan, Jr., Professor of Law at Georgetown. In 2009–2010 she served as Senior Climate Policy Counsel to the Administrator of the EPA and Associate Administrator of the EPA’s Office of Policy.