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Lederhosen Nazis, "Dancing Queen," and other Vibes from CPAC 2024 / Gaby Del Valle

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I don’t think these young republicans think of themselves as nazis, but I think that they have absorbed all of these beliefs that have come from the white supremacist conspiracist element of the conservative movement like the Great Replacement and the Great Reset…I think it's much more insidious that even the college Republicans who when I was talking to the Nazis were like, “why are you talking to these guys? They're freaks,” believe in this stuff to some degree, but also see themselves as different from the Nazis. It's just fully taken over this ideology.

Gaby Del Valle on The Baffler Magazine article, “Lost at CPAC: The paranoid style in conservative politics.” "Rotten History" follows the interview.

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Gaby Del Valle

Gaby Del Valle is a writer and the cofounder of BORDER/LINES, a newsletter about immigration policy.

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