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Facebook, Instagram Censor Peaceful Pro-Palestinian Speech / Deborah Brown & Rasha Younes

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The very essence of the company's operation is profit driven. In the capitalist kind of world that we live in, it is very difficult to assess or look at or appreciate resistance for what it is. People coming together to call bullshit on Meta and other social media companies that are not equally allowing for the flow of information to reach users is only the beginning. It is raising the awareness and the kind of literacy around issues such as censorship and its consequences to a more mainstream public discourse level. That gives me some kind of hope that this interview would make it to Instagram, or if not, users will find a genius way to package it and deliver it despite the any effort of the company to thwart it.

Deborah Brown and Rasha Younes of Human Rights Watch join This Is Hell! to discuss their report, "Meta’s Broken Promises: Systemic Censorship of Palestine Content on Instagram and Facebook." "Rotten History" follows the interview.

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Deborah Brown

Deborah Brown is a senior researcher and advocate on digital rights at Human Rights Watch. Her areas of focus include the role of digital technologies in electoral processes, cybersecurity, and digital exclusion.


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Rasha Younes

Rasha Younes is a senior researcher with the LGBT Rights Program at Human Rights Watch, investigating abuses against LGBT people in the Middle East and North Africa region.