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Normalizing Slaughter / Oded Na'aman

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Everyone wants this to stop, but the only way this could stop is if we accept the fact that we will live on this land together. There's no way around it. As long as we're unable to accept it, this madness is going to go on. I think this is something that goes beyond just the general problem of recognizing enormous loss. This has to do with the deep, deep anxiety that Israelis have about their existence. The tragedy of it is that by letting themselves be led by this fear and anxiety, they are themselves undermining everything that made this country so valuable.

Oded Na'aman joins This Is Hell! to discuss his Boston Review article, "A Menacing Silence: Why is the reality of Palestinian suffering denied in the Israeli consciousness?" After the interview, we hear share some feedback from our dear listeners.

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Oded Na'aman

Oded Na’aman is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a longtime member of Breaking the Silence.