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Effective Antifascism Requires Understanding Fascism / Joan Braune

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There are two dimensions that we have to look at if we want to understand the resurgence of fascism today. On the one hand, fascism is a social movement seeking power and it's always already connected to sources of power. We neglect that when we think about fascism as like a fringe criminal phenomenon that we can simply spot radicalization signs of, that we can police out of existence, that will be recognizable by its weird facial tattoos and biker gangs. On the other hand, Fascism is also a social movement composed of individuals who are drawn into that movement for various reasons. I think we have to look at those reasons, including the questions they're trying to resolve by joining in order to prevent fascism from spreading and in order to think more strategically about counter recruitment.

We wrap up the week with lecturer in philosophy at Gonzaga University, Joan Braune who will speak with us about her book, Understanding and Countering Fascist Movements: From Void to Hope. "The Moment of Truth" with Jeff Dorchen follows the interview.

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Joan Braune

Joan Braune is Lecturer in Philosophy at Gonzaga University, USA. She is author and co-editor of various titles, including two books on Erich Fromm’s critical theory and The Ethics of Researching the Far Right (forthcoming, 2024). Her most recent book is Understanding and Countering Fascist Movements: From Void to Hope.