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Western Governments, Media Complicit in Genocide / Hamza Ali Shah

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For all the rhetoric and the empty words and supposed care and concern that Joe Biden might have, they are still ensuring that Israel has everything it needs to carry out its operations in Gaza.

Hamza Ali Shah discusses his Jacobin article, “Western Governments Share Responsibility for Israel’s Crimes," and his Declassified UK writing, "‘Beheaded Babies' – How UK media Reported Israel’s Fake News as Fact." "The Moment of Truth" with Jeff Dorchen follows the interview. 

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Hamza Ali Shah

Hamza Ali Shah is a British-Palestinian writer and journalist whose work focuses on Palestine. He has reported on daily life under occupation for Palestinians including home demolitions and forced expulsion and the conditions for Palestinians in Israeli prisons. He has also extensively covered the British political establishment's legislation and policies towards Palestine. He has also contributed to Tribune Magazine, Jacobin, +972 Magazine and New Internationalist.