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The Brutal Illogic of the US Attacks on Yemen / Séamus Malekafzali

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When even liberal [Israeli] politicians talk about how if they had a button to press where they could send all the Arabs to Europe, they would press it, but they don't. They want the Palestinians out. They want them erased. They want them to die from disease. They want them to be killed in strikes. They want them to be humiliated. They want them to be massacred to not only send a message to the other Arabs in the region, but also to affirm that there will be nothing else but Israel in the land of historical Palestine. That is their goal. That is not a goal they like telling to the Americans, because they know how it sounds to everyone with a brain, but that is what they tell Israelis at home.

Séamus Malekafzali joins This Is Hell! talk to us about his Baffler article, "More Fog, More War: The brutal illogic of the U.S. attacks on Yemen." The Moment of Truth with Jeff Dorchen follows the interview.

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Séamus Malekafzali

Séamus Malekafzali is a journalist and writer primarily focusing on the politics of the Middle East.