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Killing Detroit / Christopher Hood

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The city was basically destroyed. The thriving black community, which the epicenter was 12th Street, was completely destroyed. It never was rebuilt. It was insultingly named after Rosa Parks, as it is today. But it's a street that burned down, similar to what they did in Oklahoma City and Greenwood. Except instead of dropping turpentine bombs on the city, they dropped drugs on the city in the aftermath of the riot. Creating thousands and thousands of drug addicts. and thousands of people who could not work and thousands of targets for the law enforcement agencies to arrest people for using drugs, having drugs.

Christopher Hood, author of the award-winning script and film, Killing Detroit: The City That Refused To Die, that is now in book form. A new Moment of Truth from Jeff Dorchen follows the interview. 

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Christopher Hood

Christopher Hood is a screenwriter and author of the script and film Killing Detroit: The City That Refused to Die.