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Detroit Eviction Defense Battles for Housing Justice / Jeff Wilson


People live there and they're fighting back. Not only are they fighting back, they're winning…Detroit Eviction Defense has won some 80 homes back for people. This is a group with no money, essentially. They do have some lawyers that volunteer. But these are homeowners coming together in solidarity with each other to defend each other's homes. The book is a celebration of what community self defense looks like.

This Is Hell! returns with new interviews this week! Kicking off 2024, geographer Jeff Wilson joins us to discuss his new graphic novel he co-created with Bambi Kramer, We Live Here: Detroit Eviction Defense and the Battle for Housing Justice from Seven Stories Press. Following the interview, Jeff Dorchen returns with a new Moment of Truth in which he tries to gain perspective on the human condition with a cheap sci-fi thought experiment.

Learn more about Detroit Eviction Defense here.

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Jeffrey Wilson

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson’s work is situated at the intersection of urban, health and creative geographies, as well as anthropology and visual arts, and reflects his enthusiasm and commitment to an interdisciplinary perspective. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences at Michigan State University. Wilson's graphic novel, We Live Here! Detroit Eviction Defense and the Battle for Housing Justice focuses on communities in the city working to save family homes from either mortgage or tax foreclosures.