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Best of 2023: Living and Reliving the U.S. Invasion of Iraq / Rasha Al Aqeedi

Nouri al maliki in iraqi parliamentary election  2018 01

The numbers have fallen from 70% of the population voting to below 55 in the last elections. Youth boycott because they're not happy with the candidates. They don't believe in the political process…The same political parties and the same names and faces are just recycled every four years… It's really hard to enter the Iraqi parliament as an opposition that can be effective, force change, and force the other parties to perform better. That's why I call them a network of thugs.

The Best of 2023 continues with our April 10th interview with Rasha Al Aqeedi about her New Lines Magazine article, "Living — and Reliving — the US Invasion of Iraq."

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Rasha Al Aqeedi

Rasha Al Aqeedi, formerly a 2018-2019 Robert A. Fox Fellow in FPRI’s Middle East Program, is Managing Editor of Irfaa Sawtak (Raise Your Voice) and a researcher and analyst of contemporary Iraqi politics and political Islam. She is also a non-resident fellow of George Washington University’s Program on Extremism. Previously, Rasha was a researcher at the Al Mesbar Studies and Research Center in Dubai, and an analyst at Inside Iraqi Politics. Her work on Mosul and Sunni politics is frequently cited by The New York Times, Washington Post, AP and Buzzfeed. Rasha received an M.A. in Translation, a B.A. in Translation, and a B.A. in Computer Engineering from Mosul University.


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