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Best of 2023: American Agriculture Is about Money, not Food / Alan Guebert

Agribusiness vs agroecology

This system will collapse under its own weight because it's not now and never has, and therefore can't supply what's really required: healthy, vibrant, growing community. Agriculture should be about what it says it's about. It's a compound word: agri-culture. It should be about food communities. When we get away from that, we are slowly getting away from what's sustainable or even regenerative. In the way of rural America, regenerative and sustainable used to be the way those communities grew and the way they supplied the world, especially your neighbors, your local communities with high quality, low cost food. And after, or maybe hopefully before the collapse is complete, we'll get that message.

The Best of 2023 continues with our October interview with Alan Guebert who had just posted the The Baffler Magazine article, “Farmed Out: American agriculture is about business, not food.” Plus, a Moment of Truth with Jeffrey Dorchen and your answers to the week's Question from Hell!

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Alan Guebert

Alan Guebert is an agricultural journalist who has worked as a writer and editor at Professional Farmers of America, Successful Farming, and Farm Journal. His syndicated column, “The Farm and Food File,” began in 1993 and appears weekly in more than fifty newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.


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