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Mental Health Stigma Won't Prevent Mass Shootings / Olivia Riggio

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When you are able to attribute mass shootings to mental illness, you don't really have to think about any systemic, cultural, or political issues. You can just say, “this is a bad apple, and that's why they did this bad thing.” I think it can be comforting in a way…When you're talking about the corporate press, it's simply easier. It's lazy because they're not really truly addressing the problem of mental illness either.

Olivia Riggio on her Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting article, “Blaming Mass Shootings on Mental Illness Doesn’t Address Either Issue: Rationalizing the horrors of a mass shooting by emphasizing the perpetrator’s mental state does little to address the larger issue,” followed by Rotten History.

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Olivia Riggio

Olivia Riggio is a journalist and FAIR author who became FAIR's administrative and fundraising director in April 2021.