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In Germany, Reflexive Defenses of Israel Suppress Critics / Susan Neiman

Germany israel meeting in berlin

Well, what we've seen is a hardening of the lines…a historical reckoning gone haywire. What we've been seeing in the last three years in Germany is a well meant, but wrong response to the fact that we have a far-right party that gained enough votes to sit in parliament and is gaining more votes all the time. The German government made a series of mistakes in looking to repentance for its Nazi past, which is quite genuine, but refusing to look at the present of what's going on in Israel and Palestine and really not thinking about the future.

Susan Neiman on her The New York Review of Books essay, "Germany on Edge: In recent weeks, Germany’s reflexive defenses of Israel and suppression of its critics have assumed a fevered pitch." Then another installment of "The Past Inside the Present" with Sebastian Wuepper.

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Susan Neiman

Susan Neiman is the Director of the Einstein Forum in Germany. Her latest book is Left Is Not Woke. Her first work of fiction, Nine Stories: A Berlin Novel, will be published in 2024.