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United Nations Denied Its Role in Haiti's Cholera Epidemic / Pooja Bhatia

Le fleuve artibonite

If the United Nations had done a modicum of good sanitation at its hastily constructed base, we would not have seen cholera infected fecal matter spilling into a tributary of Haiti's major river.

Pooja Bhatia Agarwal joins This Is Hell! to discuss her recent Baffler article, "Deadly Strain: How the UN sought to deny its role in Haiti’s cholera epidemic." Plus, another dose of Rotten History from Renaldo Migaldi.

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Pooja Bhatia

Pooja Bhatia Agarwal has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Review of Books, The London Review of Books and many other outlets, including The Economist, where she was Haiti correspondent. A former human rights lawyer, Pooja supervises students in the University Network for Human Rights. She lives in California.