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Staff Picks: The Enduring Siege of Gaza / Norman Finkelstein

Damage in gaza strip during the october 2023   49

This time around, Israel is much more cautious and less brazen in its public acknowledgement of its lunatic policies.

We had to reschedule today's guest, Nick Turse, whose article on American drone strikes and civilian casualties in Somalia remains to be published. We will let you know when that interview will take place as soon as we know.

Today's episode features a timely interview from our archives. On February 15, 2015, just months after Israel's last invasion of Gaza, Middle East scholar Norman Finkelstein joined This Is Hell! to discuss the mechanisms of Israeli occupation, and the internal politics that sustain the country’s periodic massacres in Palestine. He is the author of the then-recently published book, Method and Madness: The Hidden Story of Israel’s Assaults on Gaza from OR Books.

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Norman Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein is an author and Middle East scholar. He currently teaches at Sakarya University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies.


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